Our branch has access to some of the best hunting in New Zealand and exclusive access, along with the huts we own and the local knowledge there’s plenty of hunting available.

Come along to a branch night and join in on one of our monthly branch hunts!


NZDA HUnter National Training Scheme

Every year the South Canterbury branch delivers the nationally accredited HUNTS course for new hunters. This training system is delivered and run by volunteer branch members. Come along and talk with us if you are interested to gain some skills.




Our branch is invested in pest line trapping, vermin and pest eradication and control.


South Canterbury NZDA members work with landowners to reduce pests humanly through small bore and centre-fire shoots.


We are comfortable in the mountains and valleys and we are found in uncommon places, off the beaten track hence we have unique experiences with New Zealand’s outdoors and observe native and introduced wild life, flora and fauna, rivers and forests. We take looking after our great outdoors seriously. We have been logging our observations data and are a voice for our wild game species. To protect a valuable food source, sport and economic asset for commercial hunting activities we monitor and observe our wildlife, native and introduced.